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Richard M. Harrison ~ Artist & Designer


Richard Harrison has a passion for keeping history alive and that passion has focused his diverse talents for many years.

Having been taught a broad range of disciplines by one of Atlanta’s renowned artists Julian H. Harris, who was also an architect, Richard became adept at designing, painting and sculpting. This included manufacturing and installation of a sculpture, wood framing, plaster casting, working with bronze, aluminum and marble. Early in his career he became an expert in building architectural models which required expertise in the use of synthetic materials from Plexiglas to polyfoam.

With the skills of a master craftsman and the eye of an artist he is uniquely qualified for a wide variety of assignments.

Known for his comprehensive research and fascination with history, he has designed and custom-built miniature dioramas as well as full size displays for numerous prominent museums. Richard has also been commissioned to paint historically accurate murals on a wide range of subjects, such as the Old West, ancient Egypt and 1950’s Americana for museums and collectors.

Always enthusiastic about history he has launched an innovative endeavor ~ the creation of affordable traveling museum displays with popular historic themes. His concept is to provide the visitor with a new experience: a feeling like they have traveled back in time, moving through the past. Most notably “The Tut Experience,” an expansive view of everyday life during the reign of Egyptian boy-king Tutankhamun, which has been on display in a number of museums in Georgia and Alabama.

With displays on ancient Rome, the Vikings and America’s Westward Expansion on the drawing board, Richard Harrison is truly an artist for the ages.